Geroix | Chips & Circuits
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Chips & Circuits

Geroix is well versed at designing, building, and getting into production. Our time-to-market strategy is your time-to-market strategy. We offer both customized chip solutions that 100% cater to your strict requirement. We also offer licensing of our low-cost, low-power IoT CPU. This advanced chip comes with everything you need to run even the most demanding microcontroller-based IoT applications. And or course, it talks with any other Geroix chip. Saving money and precious time that is better spent on your go-to market strategy.

Our goal is always to offer the lowest priced solution according to your demanding specifications. We have over 60 years of combined experience in delivering some of the worlds highest demanding processors, chips and circuit boards.

Contact Geroix today to learn more about how you can save big on your next digital product line.

Chip and Circuit Manufacturing

Chip and Circuit Manufacturing
Chip and Circuit Manufacturing